Art and Photography Meet

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This week we met with Winslow And District Art Society to study both Club's interpretations of a number of themes. This year these were; People in Place, The Visual Battlefield, Concrete and Steel, and Little Monsters. Everyone enjoyed themselves with plenty of cross-party banter. Based on this success we intend to put this event on [...]

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The Stony Worm’s Eye View

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We were at Stony Stratford for this year's annual Jim Waddington Challenge. This is the picture-hunt competition based on a given topic, which this year was ‘Worms’ eye view’.  So, it was time to start crawling about on the ground for an hour looking for compositions, not too grubby, please!   We had a good crowd that [...]

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Eyeing the Rose at Campbell Park

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Thanks for all coming! On Wednesday around 15 of us met up to explore Campbell Park in Milton Keynes for this week's Photowalk.  This park has several distinctive artworks and sculptures including; ‘The Milton Keynes Rose’.  After centring our attention around The Rose it was time to explore the park further looking for the other subjects to capture.  [...]

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Studio and Speedlight by Brian Worley

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Light without Photoshop This evening we had the privilege of having Brian Worley as a speaker at the Club, talking about 'Studio, and Speedlites'. Brian brought a large range of studio lighting accessories to talk through and demonstrate, with a single flash. We also had some unsuspecting models in the audience... The first half [...]

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