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Prints and PDI are the different formats for Camera Club competitions. With the competition season about to start at the Club, we will be delving into Prints and PDI*.  To enter either a Prints or PDI competition members must complete a number of tasks. Presenting your work in the best manner is an important task in convincing a judge of a worthy score. This can be daunting if you have not done it before, or not competed on a regular basis. The aim of this talk will be to easily explain and demonstrate how to achieve these tasks. In addition, where to go for the things you need. This will allow you to; prepare yourself in the best manner and present your work in the best possible way. Areas that we will be covering will be:

  1. Printing an image – Where to go, what to do.
  2. Mounting a Print – How to do, where to go.
  3. Preparing an image – Resizing, colour space.
  4. Best ways of presenting your work
  5. Resources available

Even if you have done this for years you may pick up something that you hadn’t thought about in the past. Some of our 2018 winners; Mike Kirby, Doug Murrie and Adrian Court, will be sharing their knowledge.

[PDI – ‘Projected Digital Image’]

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