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Photographer Of The Year Titles

The Photographer of the Year (POTY) is the main competition at Buckingham Camera Club and is run every year.  There is a wide variation of topics that this competition covers and below are the set subject topics.  So hopefully this will allow you to think up some potential ideas for your entries.  Get your thinking caps on and we look forward to seeing your results throughout the year!

2019 Photographer Of The Year (POTY) Competition

RoundDateFormatSet SubjectSome Suggestions
16th FebruaryPDIFacesEither Formal Studio portraits or Casual shots of people and activity.
26th MarchPDIPlacesEither Rural Landscapes or Urban/City Townscape.
33rd AprilPDIThingsEither Antiques, Nostalgia, Retro OR Interiors.
41st MayPDIEmotionsHappy, sad, fear, contentment, rage.
55th JunePDISpeed/BlurSports, waterfall, pedestrians.
64th SeptemberPDISpeed Freeze FrameMaybe a fast-moving subject at 1/000th second?
72nd OctoberPDIHot!Strip off? Swimwear? Pies in the oven? Barbecue?
86th NovemberPDIColdFreezer? Plants in ice? Sports watches? Skiing? Snow?

PLEASE NOTE: The 2019 P.O.T.Y. Competition has changed, please review the updated Competition Rules for more information.

More information about this and other competitions you can enter is available in the Competitions You Can Enter Section of the website.

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