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Club Constitution

Buckingham Camera Club

Last updated December 2015

Mission Statement

1.The Buckingham Camera Club exists to promote the art and science of photography in all its forms and to provide technical and social facilities for its members.


2.Buckingham Camera Club [the club] is a private members’ club managed by a committee elected by the members from the members and responsible to the members.

2.1.Membership of the club is open to all.
2.2.Subscription is levied by the committee, ratified at the Annual General Meeting [AGM] and is due by the 31st December each year.
2.3.The club exists for social pleasure only and no member shall use its name for business purposes for private gain or bring its name into disrepute.
2.4.The club’s equipment is owned by the club for members’ use and should be used with care. All equipment may be borrowed by members. An equipment log is held by the Webmaster and should be up to date at all times.
2.5.The club is not responsible or liable for members’ or guests’ property or equipment. Public liability insurance is held by the club.
2.6.In the event of the club ceasing to operate, the committee shall be responsible but not liable for the disposal of any surplus assets.

The Committee and its Meetings

3.The club is managed by a committee of nine members. Nine members will be elected to the committee each year, at the AGM held in mid-December who will then, at the first committee meeting appoint the elected members to named functions as it deems fit. In the event that the proposed committee has more than nine candidates, a ballot will ensue.

3.1.A person holding the post of Chairman shall serve a maximum, annually elected, term of 3 years in continuation.
3.2.The committee will at its first meeting, appoint the ordinary committee members to named functions as it deems fit.
3.3.The club’s auditor is elected at the AGM and must not be a committee member. The committee should meet formally at least 4 times per year.
3.4.Five committee members will form a quorum for the meetings. The Chairman will not vote unless there is a tie.
3.5.The minutes of the meetings, with action points allocated, should be circulated no later than one week after each committee meeting and a copy should be displayed on the club’s website.
3.6.The agenda of each meeting, with executive reports and proposals, where possible, should be circulated at least one week before the committee meetings to allow the members to prepare. Late proposals can be presented and discussed on the night, but contentious issues should be held over until the next meeting thus to ensure time for full consideration and reflection.

The Accounts

4.The accounting period runs from 1st December to 30th November each year to allow time for the report to be prepared and audited before the AGM.

4.1.The accounts should be kept in a proper manner and the committee should receive a progress report at each meeting.
4.2.The Treasurer is responsible for all the club’s funds and banking and will open whatever account is deemed advantageous to the club. An additional two executives shall be included as account counter-signatories and must be aware of the banking location and procedures.
4.3.The club’s funds should be held in an account under the name of the club. Items of expenditure above £50 shall be approved by the committee.

General Meetings (AGM and EGM)

5.The AGM shall follow a regular agenda attached as Appendix i. Items for ‘Any other business’ are best put in writing before the meeting so that they can be circulated for study prior to general discussion. There is no intention to stifle ad-hoc proposals, merely to sensibly structure the meeting and to increase its effectiveness.

6.An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called if the committee or one third if the membership determines that some extraordinary event warrants discussion by the entire club. Two weeks’ notice of such a meeting must be given.

6.1.One-third of the current paid-up club membership will constitute a quorum for a general meeting.

The Rules

7.In the wording of these rules, the masculine implies both genders and the singular implies the plural.

7.1.Any proposed alteration to these rules should be notified to the committee for debate and ratified at the next General Meeting.
7.2.Competition rules form a separate set at Appendix ii and are published on the website and in the programme.

Appendix i  = Agenda for the AGM

Appendix ii = Competition rules