Practical Evening – Abstraction From Nature

‘Abstraction From Nature’ was the subject for this week’s Practical Evening.  The aim of the evening was to stimulate some ideas for the upcoming Photographer of The Year Competition on the 2nd May. So abstract subjects were the order of the evening. Cabbages, Chrysanthemum flower heads, shells and various leaves provided the abstract textures needed, […]

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Practical Evening – Visual Battlefield

This week’s Practical Evening was around ‘The Visual Battlefield’.  The aim of the evening was to stimulate the mind and give some ideas for the upcoming Photographer of The Year Competition. Next week’s competition’s topic is ‘The Visual Battlefield’ which will be judged by Colin Harrison FRPS FIPF FBPE MFIAP MPAGB […]

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A Night With Theresa Louise

This week’s Practical Session was ‘Studio Flash’. This is the first in a series of three sessions where Adrian Court will teach us, and let us practice with Studio Flash on a model.  The aim was to make it as “practical” as possible.  We started with an informal discussion where we discussed the various stages […]

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Studio Flash #1 – A Model Evening with Theresa Louise

This will be the first of three Practical Evenings around Studio Flash, which Adrian Court is organising.  Theresa Louise will be joining us on Wednesday evening, she is a very experienced model based in Milton Keynes and has visited the Club on a couple of occasions before.

The evening will start with a brief question and answer […]

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Practical Evening – Lights, Spirals & Helices!

Lights, Spirals and Helices

This was the first Practical Evening of the year. It was good to see about thirty of us enjoying a practical evening with plenty of chat, cameras, tripods and wide lenses. For this week we planned various table tops, some special FX with rotating lights/spirals/helices.

In addition, a lighting set-up […]

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